Season 1, Episode 4: Patterns


Season 1, Episode 4: Patterns

Moving to the Beat! – Let’s Learn About Patterns in Early Childhood Math

Our fourth episode focuses on pattern concepts in early childhood.
Join us as we:

  • Review key concepts and skills related to patterns in math.
  • Explain how young children experience patterns as they move along the learning pathway.
  • Examine the meaningful ways that children learn math concepts through play.
  • Provide strategies to increase pattern-learning opportunities through music and movement activities.

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Knowledge Check - Episode 4

Resources for Episode 4

Learning Trajectories

Reference this learning trajectory to understand the big ideas around math concepts, developmental progressions, and to get some suggestions for planning instruction.


Supplemental Resources

Patterns Video Clips from the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning.
Watch these educators demonstrate strategies for engaging preschool aged children in learning about patterns.

Everyday Fun with Patterns from Too Small to Fail:
Watch this video for more information about how children develop their understanding of patterns, or download the handout for related activities to try and share with families.

Who is Napping? from The Erikson Early Math Collaborative.
Watch this graphing lesson to see how skilled educators prompt children to identify and describe patterns in the book The Napping House by Audrey Wood. Access the links beneath the clip to explore big ideas related to patterns in math.

Coaching Corner

Set goals, observe practices, and give feedback with these number and counting coach tools:

Share your new skills with your coach and peers by uploading video of your new math practices to the Coaching Companion.

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