Seattle Times: Bezos family gifts $3 million to shape UW’s early education work

Bezos family with Gail and President of UW
Neal Morton, Seattle Times staff reporter

Only a week after Jeff Bezos pledged to pour part of his personal wealth into creating a network of preschools for low-income families, his parents’ philanthropic foundation announced a $3 million gift to the University of Washington to shape its work in early education.

The nonprofit Bezos Family Foundation, headed by Jackie and Mike Bezos, historically has focused on education since its incorporation in 2000. It also partnered with the UW about a decade ago to create an endowed chair for early childhood learning within the College of Arts & Sciences.

But the $3 million donation, which amounts to a nearly 13 percent boost in the College of Education’s total endowment, offers the Bezos family a lasting opportunity to influence the research and programs supported within the college. [Read More...]