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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 3 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 3 Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check answer key (Questions 1 – 5)

Thank you so much for taking this Knowledge Check! For your information the answer key to the questions is below.

Question 1

List 5 two-dimensional and 5 three dimensional shapes.

Possible 2-D shapes: Circle, Semi-Circle, Oval, Triangle, Parallelogram, Rhombas, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Octagon
Possible 3-D Shapes: Prism, Rectangular Prism, Cube, Triangular Prism, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Pyramids

Question 2

Young children learn geometry and spatial sense through:

Answer: All of the Above

Question 3

Preschoolers are capable of more than just learning names of shapes. Which of these geometry skills should educators expect of children by the end of preschool?

Answer: Combine shapes to create complex structures.

Question 4

Young children go through four main phases in learning to combine shapes to make new shapes. Put the following phases in the correct order.


  • Piece Assembler __2__
  • Shape Composer __4__
  • Pre-Composer __1__
  • Picture Maker __3__

Question 5

Art activities help children learn:

Answer: All of the Above

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