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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 4 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 4 Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check answer key (Questions 1 – 6)

Thank you so much for taking this Knowledge Check! For your information the answer key to the questions is below.

Question 1

Which of the following are two key characteristics of patterns?

Answer: Regular, Predictable

Question 2

Patterns are everywhere. They can be seen across many modalities (e.g., sounds, visuals, movements, events, numbers). Pick three different modalities and give a specific example of a pattern for each.

Sounds: finger play, music, beats, musical instruments played in a repeatable predictable way, beeps from a car, etc.
Visuals: Alternating colors on fabric or in nature (bumble bee, tiger), alternating objects that vary in color, size, or shape (big, little, big, little; circle, triangle, circle, triangle), etc…
Movements: stomping feet, waving scarves, dancing, etc.
Events: night-day sequence, seasons, holidays, weekdays, months, activities at school, etc.
Numbers: counting in 10s, 5s, 2s. Prime Numbers, etc.

Question 3

Which of the following is NOT an example of a repeating pattern?

Answer: Snail Shell

Question 4

Which of the following are examples of growing patterns?

Answer: Nesting cups, Concentric rings on a tree trunk, children in line by height from short to tall

Question 5

Patterns help children learn the following concepts and skills:

Answer: All of the Above

Question 6

List three activities or materials that help children learn about patterns:

Answer: (Possible ideas) books with a story or word pattern incorporated; music and movement activities that incorporate a pattern; Peek-a-boo; stringing beads, sponge printing, collages, regular schedules in the day, week, month, year; dancing, identifying the patterns in nature, counting, and there are many other options.

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