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Circle Time Magazine Season 2, Episode 3 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 2, Episode 3 Knowledge Check

Answer Key (Questions 1 – 5)

Thank you for taking this Knowledge Check! Use the answer key to see how you did on the show quiz portion of the survey.

Question 1

Emotional literacy is the ability to identify and express emotions in healthy ways.

Answer: a, True

Question 2

Why are puppets useful teaching tools in early childhood programs?

Answers may include: Puppets are useful for modeling how to handle emotions or other problems. Puppets take the focus off of a particular child. Puppets are useful when teaching groups of children because for many children puppets are fun and relatable. Puppets provide a safe way for children to see emotions and regulation strategies in practice.

Question 3

Emotional regulation is the ability to manage and respond to emotions.

Answer: a, True

Question 4

What is the Relaxation Thermometer and how can it be used effectively?

Answers may include: The relaxation thermometer is a tool that allows a child to see how calm and not calm look. It can help children identify how they are feeling in the moment and educators can use it as a visual to help children with this process. Children and educators might strive to feel like the blue area of the thermometer. The relaxation thermometer is a visual support that reminds children to take three deep breaths to calm down. It can also be used to support teaching emotional literacy.

Question 5

What are the four steps in The Turtle Technique?

a. Step 1: Recognize your feeling(s)
b. Step 2: Think stop
c. Step 3: Tuck inside your shell and take three deep breaths
d. Step 4: Come out when calm and think of a solution

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