Season 2: Positive Behavior Support Edition

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Hosts having fun and blowing bubbles on the set of Circle Time Magazine

Circle Time Magazine, Season 2 Overview: Positive Behavior Support

Circle Time Magazine, Season 2 Overview: Positive Behavior Support Edition

Welcome to Season 2 of Circle Time Magazine: Positive Behavior Support Edition

Join us for our second season of Circle Time Magazine (CTM); a unique professional development series that offers a web-based talk show, magazine, and online resources with each episodes. This season addresses key PBS practices that promote children’s healthy social and emotional development and increase positive behavior. Learn about the fundamental importance of building trusting relationships and designing supportive environments, gain strategies for improving children’s emotional literacy and problem-solving skills, and increase your ability to provide intensive support for children with ongoing or severe behavior.

Circle Time Magazine: Positive Behavior Support Edition

Gail holds a piggy bank and explains emotions to Dawn, the host

Fostering Social Emotional Skills: Relationships Are Key

Hosts Dawn and Kristin speak with a show guest about setting up classroom furniture with a mini model set

Planning Ahead: Environments that Support Positive Behavior

Hosts on set, showing examples of emotions

Noticing Feelings: Teaching Emotional Literacy and Regulation

Hosts on set, laughing together

Problems as Opportunities: Teaching Problem-Solving and Friendship Skills

Hosts on set, showing examples of tools for the class room

Addressing Challenging Behavior: Guidance and Support

What can you do when you are considering making a referral about a child’s behavior to an outside agency? In this bonus episode, we partner with staff at Kindering an early intervention agency, to discuss the next steps.

Positive Behavior Support Resources — Season Overview

Partnering with Libraries

Introducing our partnership with Seattle Public Libraries for this season of Circle Time Magazine.

Use this tool to find your local library and access a wide variety of materials to foster a caring community and the social and emotional development of young children.

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with this collection of additional reading on the main topics of each episode.

Glossary of Terms...

a brief reference tool that you can use while engaging in the content of the season.

Reflect on Bias and Behavior...

with these resources to increase your self-awareness and address unconscious biases that are likely to be impacting children in your program.

Try these Learning Activities...

and improve your practice by engaging in these activities designed to help you put your knowledge into practice.

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