Inclusion, Episode 2 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 3, Episode 2 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 3, Episode 2 Knowledge Check

Answer Key (Questions 1 – 6)

Thank you for taking this Knowledge Check! Use the answer key to see how you did on the show quiz portion of the survey.

Question 1

If you’ve never seen a child’s annual goal, where might you find it and how could you access it?

Answer: On their IFSP or IEP. As the child’s teacher you can view a child’s plan. You can also request permission from families to review a child’s IEP and ensure it stays confidential.

Question 2

Jenny shared examples of what an annual goal might for a communications delay. What was one of those goals?

Answers could be:

  • To use different subject-verb combinations across three different settings.
  • To increase mean length of utterance from one word to three words.
  • To use independent verbal requests across three consecutive days in asking for a preferred item.

Question 3

What is the strategy Jenny described that allows you to facilitate children using language without interrupting their play?

Answer: Repeat and recast

Question 4

What is the strategy Jenny mentioned that helps broaden a child’s vocabulary?

Answer: Expanding and extending

Question 5

What is the strategy that allows us to introduce new materials or play acts that gives us new words to introduce?

Answer: Match match model

Question 6

What is the curriculum modification termed “invisible support”?

Answer: Teachers who think ahead and proactively about how they will structure class to best benefit children, such as giving multiple examples of an answer before asking a child to respond.

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