Inclusion, Episode 3: Supporting Inclusive Environments

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Season 3, Episode 3: Supporting Inclusive Environments

Season 3, Episode 3: Supporting Inclusive Environments

Explore the resources on this page to learn all about how to make small changes that can have a big impact on children’s access and participation in the learning environment.

Watch now: Episode 3, Supporting Inclusive Environments!

Watch episode 3 of our professional development talk show to learn about curriculum modifications and environmental supports for both inside and outside the classroom.

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To learn more about creating inclusive environments through environmental supports, individualizing, and understanding accessibility and fairness, download the print version or view the magazine online.

Dive into Books…with this booklist that supports inclusion

Bilingual Book Recommendations:

  • The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin
    Spanish: El libro negro de los colores por Menena Cottin
  • We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio
    Spanish: Wonder. Todos somos únicos por R.J. Palacio

Book Recommendations: 

  • Keisha’s Doors by Marvie Ellis
    Espanol: Las puertas de Keisha por Marie Ellis
  • Ian’s Walk by Laurie Lears
  • Don’t Call Me Special by Pat Thomas
  • Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari
  • King for a Day by Ruksana Khan
  • Baby Loves Sight by Ruth Spiro
  • Baby Loves Hearing by Ruth Spiro
  • Off to the Park by Stephen Cheathams

Helpful Resources—Season 3, Episode 3: Supporting Inclusive Environments

This 15-minute in-service suite is the introduction to a set of suites about curriculum modifications. Visit the ECLKC to access a suite on each type of modification. Each suite contains a PowerPoint, videos, learning activities, tools for supervisors, and tips for educators on evidence-based teaching strategies.

For children that need additional support beyond the foundation take some time to assess them to figure out what supports to provide next. This form helps you get clear on what the classroom expectations are, provides a space to collect data, and you can use the data to inform the child’s level of performance.

Curriculum modifications are one way you can individualize to meet a child’s learning goals. This 15-minute in-service suite on individualizing is full of information on how to observe, collect data, modify, and plan for meeting individual needs.

This site contains visual supports to use throughout your learning environment. These tools are designed to be able to print and go with quick and easy explanations. They are also editable files so you can make them your own.

This is the inspiring website from our guests Paige Reischl and Shawn Rundell who are working to create an inclusive park in their community.

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