2023 Early Achievers Institute

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Washington Early Achievers Institutes

Our Early Achievers Institutes and trainings bring together experts in the field of early childhood education and expanded learning opportunities to inspire best practices

Washington Early Achievers Institutes

Our Early Achievers Institutes and trainings bring together experts in the field of early childhood education and expanded learning opportunities to inspire best practices


Welcome to the Future of Quality Recognition: Highlighting the success of providers through a reimagined system

April 29, May 1-2, 2003

This Institute is designed to provide educators with the latest information about how the Early Achievers quality recognition and improvement system is being reimagined.

  • Participants will learn about the revised Early Achievers Quality Recognition system including how Washington is maintaining support while adding new components based on a decade of learning.
  • Content experts will share research-backed, practical strategies that support high quality interactions and align with points in the revised system.

To extend accessibility, we offer both in-person and virtual sessions for the Early Achievers Institute on Saturdays and evenings. Sessions are available in English, Spanish, and Somali.


Key Note

Speaker(s): Gail Joseph, Bezos Family Foundation Distinguished Professor in Early Learning

Hear insights from the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, Child Care Aware, and Cultivate Learning on the stories that shaped the Early Achievers Program, it’s impact and view the new premier of our new Early Achievers video as the program celebrates its 10th anniversary.

English Sessions

BookCASE: Using The BookCASE Concepts for Book Selection in Learning Environments

Speaker(s): Emily Small, M.Ed., MLIS, Project Manager

The BookCASE training focuses on using the concepts of the CASE acronym when selecting and using picture books in an educational way. Participants will learn the components of the acronym and have a chance to apply it to a book. The concepts of CASE can be used across a variety of age groups ranging from infants through middle schoolers, or any age group that picture books are being used. The BookCASE originated from the Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center monthly broadcast called Teacher Time.

Data Driven Lesson Planning Session

Speaker(s): Clare Juico, Program Coordinator;
Kelli Heikkila, Professional Development Project Manager

In this session, participants will practice developing data-driven lesson plans. We will reflect on developmental milestones and use the Responsive Observation Cycle: Plan, Watch, Ask, Adapt to help participants gather data about children's growth. Participants will engage in practice-based activities to plan for learning environments and interactions that reflect children's strengths and ongoing skill development.

Early Learning Environments Can Be a Teacher Too!

Speaker(s): Dawn Williams, PhD, Director of Professional Learning & Coaching

What are the things you need to set up an effective early learning environment that supports you and the children in your care? This session is an introduction to environments that will cover what, why, and how about early learning environments. During the session you’ll see photos and video of how other environments are set up to provide inspiration and ideas. We’ll also focus on materials and the learning opportunities they can provide. Let’s pump up the volume on early learning environments!

Let's Blast Off into Video Highlights!

Speaker(s): Asiya-Bontu Mohammed, M.Ed., PhD Candidate;
Molly Mcneal, M.Ed.

Buckle up as we take you into the future of Quality Recognition. We will explore the new Video Highlights process, get a sneak peak of the Quality Interactions in Child Care (QUIC) Tool and criterion. We will discuss how participating in Video Highlights will allow you to showcase your strengths, your program, and your profound impact on children in Washington State. This interactive session will focus on an introduction of Video Highlights, how to upload videos on CECI, and review resources.

Let's Get to Know the Teacher-Child Interactions in the QUIC Tool

Speaker(s): Dawn Williams, PhD, Director of Professional Learning & Coaching;
DeEtta Simmons, Quality Recognition Senior Director

This session focuses on the teacher-child interactions in the Quality Interactions in Child Care (QUIC) Tool. We will learn about and see examples of each of the interactions. We'll spend time in small groups providing examples from our own experiences. Then, as a whole group we'll watch a video and identify the interactions we observe.

Program Profile Recognizing Programs Individual Strengths and Journey

Speaker(s): Gricelda Contreras, B.A.S., Regional Lead

This session will go over the Program Profile process: what you will see, how to add staff, add classrooms, create family surveys, complete the director interview, and how to complete teacher interviews. We will also review the Program Profile timeline and discuss who to reach out to with questions about this process.

Let's Get Ready for Records Review

Speaker(s): Julie Robichaux, Quality Recognition Manager;
Amber Leslie, Professional Development Liaison

In this session, we will have an overview of the Records Review standards, the Guide to the Records Review Tool, and the Blueprints. Participants will gain experience using the Guide to the Records Review Tool and develop skills to create or revise policies using the Blueprints.

Spectacular School-Agers: Resources for Supporting Children ages 5-12 Years

Speaker(s): Juliet Taylor, Deputy Director;
Sophie Biddle; Project Manager and Conten Developer

Did you know school-age care is now part of Early Achievers? Join this participatory session to hear about multiple free resources for supporting school-age children, including a trauma-informed care podcast and a special season of Circle Time Magazine. Participants will be able to explore the resources and make in the moment connections with colleagues to apply their learning.

Video & Tech Consultation

Speaker(s): Dougal Brownlie, Associate Media Producer;
Ryan Henriksen, Senior Media Producer

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Spanish Sessions

¡Ascendiendo hacia los Videos Ejemplares!

Speaker(s): Asiya-Bontu Mohammed, M.Ed., PhD Candidate;
Molly Mcneal, M.Ed.

¡Explorará el nuevo proceso de Video Ejemplares! Obtenga un adelanto de la herramienta QUIC y diferentes criterios con una descripción general de cómo participar en videos ejemplares que le permitirá mostrar sus fortalezas, su programa y su profundo impacto en los niños y familias en el estado de Washington. Esta sesión será interactiva y centrada en introducir a los vídeos ejemplares. También practicaremos cómo subir vídeos en CECI y revisar los recursos.

Perfil del Programa: Reconociendo las fortalezas y el camino Individual de los programas

Speaker(s): Jamie Phillips Jimenez, Quality Standards Manager

Esta sesión explicará el proceso del perfil del programa: lo que verá, cómo agregar personal, agregar salones de clase, crear encuestas familiares, completar la encuesta del director(a), y cómo completar las encuestas para maestro(a). También revisaremos la línea de tiempo/requisitos del perfil del programa y con quién comunicarse para preguntas a través de este proceso.

Preparándonos para la Revisión de Documentos

Speaker(s): Jamie Phillips Jimenez, Quality Standards Manager

¡Esta sesión explicará el proceso del componente Revisión de Documentos incluyendo los criterios, la guía y los planes para la póliza/política. Participantes aprenderán como usar la guía a los criterios de revisión de documentos y como modificar la póliza/política de su programa usando los planes.

Revista Tiemp en Circulo

Speaker(s): May Ling Joa, M.A., M.Ed., Biliterate Content Specialist

Las niñas y los niños logran empatizar mejor cuando tienen las habilidades para identificar, comprender y responder a sus propias emociones primero. En este episodio de la Revista Tiempo en Círculo, estudiaremos diferentes maneras de apoyar la autorregulación emocional de las niñas y los niños, aumentar su alfabetización emocional y sus habilidades lingüísticas.

Planificaciones de clases fomentada por la data

Speaker(s): Maria Eugenia Alvarez Noboa, Content Specialist

En esta sesión, los participantes practicarán cómo escribir planificaciones de clases sustentadas en data y en sus conocimientos sobre los niños y las niñas con quienes trabajan. Reflexionaremos sobre los hitos del desarrollo y utilizaremos el Ciclo de observación responsiva: Planificar, Observar, Preguntar y Adaptar, para ayudar a los participantes a recopilar data sobre el crecimiento y desarrollo de niños y niñas. Los participantes podrán participar en actividades prácticas con el objetivo de planificar interacciones y ambientes de aprendizaje que reflejen las fortalezas y promueven el desarrollo continuo de los niños y las niñas.

Somali Sessions

Aan Galno Muuqaalada Fiidiyowga

Speaker(s): Asiya-Bontu Mohammed, M.Ed., PhD Candidate;
Molly Mcneal, M.Ed.

Waxaad sahamin doontaa habka cusub ee Muuqaalada Fiidyaha (Video Highlights)! Hel si qarsoodi ah qalabka QUIC iyo shuruudo kala duwan oo leh dulmar ku saabsan sida ka qaybqaadashada Muuqaalada Fiidiyowga (Video Highlights) ah ay kuu oggolaan doonto inaad soo bandhigto meelaha aad ku fiican tahay, barnaamijkaaga, iyo saamaynta qotoda dheer ee aad ku leedahay carruurta iyo qoysaska Gobolka Washington. Fasalka Saddexaad waxaa loo yaqaan Video Highlights Casharkan waxa uu noqon doonaa kulan is dhexgal ah oo diirada lagu saarayo hordhaca muuqaalada muhiimka ah iyo sida loo soo geliyo fiidiyowyada asxaabta Tababarka iyo dib u eegista agabka.

Aan U diyaar garoowno dib uu eegista diiwaanka

Speaker(s): Asha Warsame, Quality Recognition Manager;
Ayan Shire, MSW, Community Liaison and Quality Recognition Specialist

Casharkani waxu ku saabsan yahay heerarka dib u eegista diiwaanka iyo hagaha qalabka oo loo yaqaan Records Review. Ka qaybgalayaasha waxay heli doonan waayo-aragnimo isticmaalka iyo hagaha qalabka dib u eegista diiwaanada (Records Review Tool), iyo sida loo bilaabo oo loo isticmaalo Blueprints-ka.

Program Profile Aqoonsiga barnaamijyada xoog iyo socdaal shaqsiyeed

Speaker(s): Asha Warsame, Quality Recognition Manager;
Ayan Shire, MSW, Community Liaison and Quality Recognition Specialist

Casharkani waxu uu ku saabsan yahay habka Program Profile: waxa aad arki doonto, sida loogu daro shaqaalaha, loogu daro fasalada, samaynta sahanka qoyska, dhamaystirka waraysiga agaasimaha, sida loo dhamaystiro waraysiyada macalinka.Waxaan sidoo kale eegi doonaa oo ka hadli doonaa waqtiga Program Profile iyo cidda aad la xiriiri karto su'aalaha habkan.

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