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Increasing teacher diversity and fostering success in future early childhood educators through mentorship, support, and opportunity.

My Brother's Teacher (MBT) Logo

Increasing teacher diversity and fostering success in future early childhood educators through mentorship, support, and opportunity.


One factor shown repeatedly to be effective in supporting Black students in school is the presence of Black teachers in the classroom (Scott, 2016; Vilson, 2015; Goings & Bianco, 2016). Research has shown that Black male teachers in the classroom are a benefit to Black students (Milner, 2006; Ferlazzo, 2018; Anderson, 2015; Brown, 2009; Lynn, 2006). In light of this evidence, My Brother’s Teacher (MBT) has the goal of increasing the number of Black and Brown teachers in the classroom through an innovative fellowship program.

MBT seeks to diversify the early learning workforce by recruiting male high school Black and Brown students from the Greater Seattle area to complete college coursework in early childhood education at North Seattle College (NSC) and funded summer internships in Seattle’s early learning programs. These young men will receive 60 service learning hours and ongoing mentorship for their work. Although programming provides a supported path to and through college to pursue careers in education, Fellows are only committed to completing Phase 1 of the My Brother’s Teacher pathway.

With the University of Washington (UW), North Seattle College, Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) and Seattle Public Schools collectively working together, MBT is a program that will have an immediate impact in early childhood education. MBT offers early childhood education training, mentoring, and scholarships so that MBT Fellows will become certificated early learning teachers. Funding is provided by the Stranahan Foundation, Seattle Promise Program, and the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise (FEPP) Levy of Seattle Public Schools.

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  1. To diversify the early learning workforce in Seattle.
  2. To support post-secondary opportunities in the field of education for Black and Brown males in Seattle.

Suggested Eligibility Criteria

  • Currently enrolled in 11th grade at a high school in the Greater Seattle area (9th and 10th graders are encouraged to apply if space becomes available).
  • Identify as a Black or Brown male.
  • Currently have a 2.0 or higher GPA. (Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA will still be considered.)
  • Have a desire to learn about early childhood education.

Four Phase Framework

Road map of the four MBT Phases

Throughout the entire experience, MBT Fellows will receive supportive mentoring and community building to promote retention, persistence, and attainment of a Masters degree in education and their early learning credential.

Number one. Phase One

High School Internships and Coursework

  • MBT Fellows will complete summer internships (junior-senior and senior-college).
  • Fall of senior year: MBT Fellows will complete a Child, Family, and Community course (3 credits) through North Seattle College.
  • Spring of senior year: MBT Fellows will complete a Health, Safety, and Nutrition course (5 credits) through North Seattle College.

*At the completion of Phase 1, MBT Fellows have the option to continue to Phase 2.

Number two. Phase Two

Associate of Arts Degree

  • MBT Fellows will complete their associates degree in Early Childhood Education at North Seattle College.
  • MBT Fellows will receive funding for their associate’s degree through the Seattle Promise Program.
  • MBT Fellows will continue to have mentoring and advising that sets them on a path to their Bachelor Degree.

Number three. Phase Three

Bachelor of Arts Degree or Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

  • MBT Fellows will receive funding through the Academy of Rising Educators for their BA/BAS Degree.
  • MBT Fellows will have the option to:
    A. Complete their Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Care and Education at the University of Washington.
    B. Complete a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in early childhood education at North Seattle College.

Number four. Phase Four

Masters Degree + Teacher Certification

  • MBT Fellows will have the option of choosing from the following separate Master Degree Programs: Seattle Teacher Residency, Early Childhood Special Education, or UW Accelerated Certification for Teachers.
  • MBT graduates will be provided with support to apply for positions as lead teachers in the Seattle Preschool Program.
  • MBT Fellows Masters Degree will be funded by the Academy for Rising Educators.

Additional Mentorship and Workshop Components of the Four Phase Framework

Mentorship Component

Mentorship will be provided to MBT Fellows. Mentors will provide Fellows with an experience that will enrich their trajectory in life.

Fellows will be immersed in conversations about life experiences, the importance of maintaining their mental health, cultural awareness, leadership, job professionalism, and the importance of community service. Fellows will be required to:

  • Attend the monthly mentorship activity.
  • Participate in the community service activity with their cohort.

Workshop Component

Fellows will engage with a variety of speakers from across the country during monthly workshops. Workshop topics will include:

  • Early childhood education
  • Social justice in education
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy and practices
  • Urban education
  • Communities-based research
  • Research methods
  • Case study analyzing
  • Financial literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • STEAM Education

Students will be provided with the following resources:

  • Backpack
  • Laptop computer
  • Book stipend
  • School supplies
  • Blazer and tie
  • Orca card (if not eligible in the summer)
  • Tutoring supports
  • Advisor
  • 24/7 access to mentors via Mentorship Hub
  • $1,200 stipends for summer internships

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