Picture of a child looking at a visual chart providing choices of what he can do while he waits for a teacher.
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Helpful resources to use for Season's 1 and 2

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Helpful resources to use for Season's 1 and 2


Meaningful Makeover Resources

Here are the resources we use on the show and others that help support high quality early learning environments. Please contact us at  ctmag@uw.edu if you have questions about Meaningful Makeover.

Printable resources from the HSCI website

Teacher Tools from the Head Start for Inclusion

These are the labels, posters, and area signs we use on the show. These tools are designed to be able to print and go with quick and easy explanations.

Defining Enviornments Wokrsheet

Designing Environments Tips for Teachers

Infants and young children learn best when they are provided opportunities to engage in well-designed environments that are emotionally and physically safe, supportive, and stimulating.

Instructional Interactions Posters

Working the Muscles of the Mind: Instructional Interactions Posters

Six posters with topics including Scaffolding, Fostering Children’s Thinking, Focusing Children on Learning Goals, Making Learning Meaningful, Using the Scientific Method, and Providing Feedback to print and post in your learning center.

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