Resource Spotlight

Activities for Families and Caregivers



Download and use these tips and resources for encouraging learning and positive interactions with the children in your life. Many resources are focused on young children, but most can be extended for children of all ages. These resources are free and we encourage you to share!

Thank you to our partners and friends at Head Start, the Bezos Family Foundation, the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations, the University of Washington, and other community groups for interaction and activity ideas.

The educator and child are at the dramatic play area engaging with pretend food and dishes.

Interactions and Connections

These resources highlight fostering connections through interactions between adults and children.

A child and her teacher sit at a child-sized table and put a series of blocks onto a string.

Interactions and Activites

These resources highlight activities adults and children can engage in together.

Two Kids Using IPad

Experience-Based Virtual Learning

These resources are a way for adults and children to engage in virtual learning together through experiences.

An adult and toddler are playing with large blow-up dice. The adult is laughing and smiling at the child,

Resiliency and Wellness

These resources focus on wellness of both adults and children during this stressful time.

An educator is sitting on the couch with a child reading a book.

K-12th Grade

These resources focus on activities for K-12 children to engage in independently or with an adult.

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