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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 1 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 1 Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check answer key (Questions 1 – 7)

Thank you so much for taking this Knowledge Check! For your information the answer key to the questions is below.

Question 1

What does mathematize mean?

Answer: Mathematize means to bring out the math in what children are doing by commenting on and asking questions to encourage children’s comments.

Question 2

Subitizing means:

Answer: The ability to recognize numbers under 5 by looking and not counting each one

Question 3

One-to-one correspondence means:

Answer: Each number gets one and only one count

Question 4

Cardinality means:

Answer: The last number counted represents the whole

Question 5

It is best practice to correct toddlers when they miscount.

Answer: False

Question 6

The primary way infants gain number sense is through the conversations and interactions they have with educators and families?

Answer: True

Question 7

What does it mean to notice & respond to what children are doing?

Answer: To notice what your children are doing and saying, and to articulate, describe, and/or build off of what you observe.

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