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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 2 Knowledge Check

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Circle Time Magazine Season 1, Episode 2 Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check answer key (Questions 1 – 6)

Thank you so much for taking this Knowledge Check! For your information the answer key to the questions is below.

Question 1

In this episode, Manuela shared an important reason why early childhood math is important. Which option is the reason Manuela provided?

Answer: Exposure as a path to achievement.

Question 2

Manuela shared several strategies for playing math games with children. Please choose one of these strategies you would like to try.

Answer: Any of the following options:

  • Describe what children are doing as they play games to give them new vocabulary.
  • Use games as opportunities for ongoing assessment of children’s math skills.
  • Focus on the fun! As soon as the game is not fun stop playing.
  • Plan ahead and select a math learning goal you want to address during the game.

Question 3

In the space below please describe why you would like to try the strategy you picked in the previous question.

Answer: There is no wrong answer to this question

Question 4

What were some of the suggestions Liz had for scaffolding the car game that she demonstrated with Dawn and Virginia?

Answer: All of the Above

Question 5

Select the non standard measurement tools a child might use:

Answer: The answer could have been Their Foot, Their Hand, or a Car.

Question 6

One key piece of advice in the “It’s All About You” segment was: Build a network of colleagues to touch-base with.

Answer: True

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