Math, Episode 3: Geometry

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Different shapes in different colors and sizes

Season 1, Episode 3: Geometry

Season 1, Episode 3: Geometry

Let’s go on a Shape Hunt – Increasing our Knowledge about Geometry & Spatial Awareness

Our third episode focuses on geometry concepts in early childhood. Join us as we:

  • Review key concepts and skills related to geometry and spatial awareness.
  • Explain how young children develop an understanding of these concepts and skills as they move along the learning pathway.
  • Reveal strategies that educators can use to support early brain development.
  • Share exciting ways that art and other choice materials can increase learning opportunities linked to geometry and spatial sense.

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Geometry Cheat Sheet - Download this PDF for the template.

Resources for Episode 3

Learning Trajectories

Reference this learning trajectory to understand the big ideas around math concepts, developmental progressions, and to get some suggestions for planning instruction.

Supplemental Resources

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